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HUKL Investments was created as the culmination of multiple successful businesses to provide investment services, business services and consulting services. We focus on driving our clients’ growth and profitability, while keeping brand awareness at the forefront of each and every business strategy. We invite you to join our successful family of investments and businesses as you take your company to the next level.

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HUKL’s private investment portfolio is diverse, including holdings in the industries of insurance, retail, hospitality, construction and real estate. Our team brings the breadth of knowledge necessary to navigate a successful business start and the strategic investment growth required for its continued high performance. Our combined depth of experience represents decades of investment and startup success.

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Business Services

Partnering with HUKL means gaining access to the power of our business operation management services. We work to improve efficiency, leverage automation, and produce the transformative results necessary to strengthen the foundation of your business, positioning it for greater success. Each member of our team’s individual leadership experience spans at least two or more decades. Their expertise covers a broad knowledge of corporate operations, including supply chain, loss prevention, team creation and development, and the development of new products and services.

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When you’re ready to level up your business, you need a team of trusted, seasoned consultants. HUKL’s tailored business and investment consulting services team offers a wide breadth of knowledge in the areas of law, finance, talent acquisition, benefits, HR systems, corporate training, sales, budgeting and forecasting, compensation design, employee communications, IT infrastructure and business automation, IT risk/compliance and offshore functions. There’s no room for second guessing when it comes to business strategy. Make your team count.

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